Current Work: Xperian & Nocoloco

Our team had a hard time reflecting on our years as consultants and decided to plunge into the world of products.
Now, with this it was upto each one of us, to decide if we wanted to continue on this journey. I woke up with a deep question, "What if i come back to this point in my career, later?" I did not leave that question to answer at a later point.

I decided to retire work from my life and dive into it, This is my journey at Xperian and the current projects here:

Time Period
2018 onwards

Number of No-Code Projects
30+ Shipped


I never learnt to write a piece of code but empathise with it. When I discovered no-code, i was empowered to learn, grow and keep going to add value back to design & product.

Understanding and opening up the world of design & nocode for everyone! All you need to come with is your imagination.

No-Code Jumpstart

Learn how to actually approach No-Code, the first principles way. One of the only no-code courses from India 🇮🇳 that teaches you how to ship products without writing a piece of code. Program is open for enrolment and you can learn at your pace.

Learn from 4 Hours of theory and 12 Hands-On Case studies.

No-Code Integrations

Curated No-Code Integrations which allow you to extend the functionality of your website using these curated Integrations for Carrd, Webflow & many more website builders.

Get 150+ Integrations, along with guides for best practices and lifetime access and updates.


A few things in life do not come with a user’s manual and one of them is your product career path. In our lifetime, we spend about 7000 days (~19 years) on our careers, do you know how to maximise this precious time? We're answering some real questions with speakers from design and product management.

Listen to the Podcast

Carrd Templates

One of my absolute favourite no-code tool is Carrd. I designed these Carrd templates to be designful and to break and push the boundaries of Carrd.

Honestly, its more play than just a product for me. 🙈

Makers Guild

As a Designer, Maker, Product Manager you spend a lot of time nurturing your craft that allows you to work & ship products. Often you find yourself in need for help and camaraderie with other makers making it little harder to be vulnerable.

Building a new community to enable, makers like you.

Curation & Not for profit
Design + Product

All things Design and Product curated for us Designers and Product Managers to share, learn and grow together in a non-traditional way to bring a holistic view and easy access to knowledge.

D+P is focused on Curation, on all things in Design and Products, starting from Jobs & Resources.

No-Code Resource
Type in Carrd

Simple • Type • Combinations
The best combinations arise in constraints. You can just use the best combinations directly without much work for Carrd or any project that uses Google Fonts.

Created for
🇬🇧English Script
🇮🇳Indian Scripts

No-Code Resource
Gradients in Carrd

Simple • Gradient • Combinations
The best combinations arise in constraints. Created for & optimised for the web, so you can just use the best combinations directly without much work for Carrd.

Created for:
🟨Linear Gradients
🟠Radial Gradients

Past Work: Oghma

Focus areas
Secondary Research, User Experience, Information Design, Interaction Design & User Interface.

From Illustrator to User Experience Designer. I realised the joy of offering great experiences through Insights & User Experience.

Time Period
2012 – 2018 (6 years)

Domains Worked on

Number of Projects


Key Points of work at Oghma

  • Worked with business that are deeply passionate about serving their customers with delightful experiences.

  • Generating & synthesis of concepts & experiences based on feasibility, viability & desirability.

  • Standardisation of design systems to ensure seamless experience to the end customer as well as the Business

  • Worked closely with Technology & Content teams to realise the design.

  • User Experience Quality Assurance to make sure the design strategy & the finally executed design are aligned.

  • Secondary Research to ensure the business was ahead of the competition.

Select Clientele

Madhuri's Clientele

Events & Talks

I enjoy sharing my thoughts on product, design, careers and the No-Code movement. Here is a selection of a recent talks and youtube live sessions! Shoutout to 👑King Sidharth for giving me my start on youtube! 🥰

Notes & Tweets: The Reflecting Shelf

While the world around shouts out and swells with pride that this is the information we know, it only adds to information gathering. The real learning is from reading, reflecting, implementing and adapting what works best for you. I apply this to all aspects of my life and have learnt this deeply from Mentors.

Here's my humble attempt at documenting my notes and tweet threads on the same for future reference:

Being Beta
Currently learning

I mould myself into a better designer by learning and changing my perspectives.

Nocode LandscapePodcasting & EditingBuilding a Self Moat

What to look for
Timelessness & Phenomena

Does this concept age well and has it held the test of time?

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. You cannot dispute these aspects, to observe and learn these phenomenon is very rewarding and can change your perspectives completely.

What to look for
Meta Concepts

Life revolves around the subjects that form a lasting impression on you and every subject is a sea of its own. You can never learn enough about it but you can understand its meta concepts and its inner workings. The beauty is that more you spend time understanding, implementing and working on it, more depth is revealed and you learn more about it.