Anyasa - The Next Phase



January 12, 2023

Most people would pause to think about what an ideal career or life would be like and thinking about various metrics and concepts like ikigai only left me feeling limited. There are way too many variables and it was complex, I wanted one base metric to help me navigate my decisions and how I invest energy for the next phase of my life. Until i stumbled upon this ancient Sanskrit term ↓

Anyasa (anāyāsa) – Absence of difficulty or exertion

and i felt complete after learning about this word. If i look back and connect the dots on various elements of my life, the best decisions and moments have been when i've moved and felt at ease when there was absence of difficulty or I have to justify way too much to make a decision.

Following my energy and my intuition and more importantly how effortless it felt to work and follow through these decisions. The concept has made reflect deeply when i make decisions right from choosing a client, a partner, a meal or even the next holiday i want to go to.

Excited to embark on this next phase, effortlessly.

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