Coffee: A World of Learnings



October 1, 2023

☕️ Today is International Coffee Day!

My inner circle knows that I love exploring coffee from around the world and can actually enjoy black coffee with an orange wedge. Coffee isn't just a beverage—it's a serious hobby that has taught me these things:

1. Curiosity: One sip at Pondicherry's Mason and Co sparked an extraordinary journey and it led me to explore Coffee. Each cup brought richness and excitement when i explored coffee from Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Switzerland, South India, Venezuela, Colombia, Ghana, and beyond.

2. If you're insanely curious, you'll find a way to learn it: YouTube is your ultimate teacher. The kind souls on there share mind-blowing insights and teach limitless methods. Find insights, limitless methods, and experiment with rented equipment.

3. Level up! Don't stop at YouTube's level one: Connect with passionate coffee enthusiasts who can take you higher. I found an incredible group of cafe owners, designers, and fellow coffee lovers to chat with. and they enjoy coffee, making it easy to talk to them about nuances.

4. Seek feedback: Now, I can actually run a small coffee shop for my inner circle when they are at home. It's a fun activity that we all enjoy, and they provide me with valuable feedback. It's an incredibly enjoyable experience.

5. Don't judge your curiosities: We all carry around a cabinet of curiosities and you should not be scared of exploring them, if we do not explore it, who else will?

Hope your next coffee is the best cup ever!

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