How to improve the working relationship with your stakeholders

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September 2, 2022

As a product designer, the whole world will tell you to focus on getting the design done.

"Are you done with the wirefames & visuals?"

"Can you give us some more visual options?"

"Can you incorporate this idea in the visual design?"

How do you tackle them? 🤔

These questions might overwhelm you but here are some actionable points, I have learned, used and see others implement them :

1- Make sure you take in every input no matter how ridiculous it might sound and double check if the comments actually makes sense. If not, ask.

2 - Make options for the feedback you receive this shows that you have thought through and made no assumptions. Lay out all your cards on the table. And, do share your recommendation as a designer and the rationale behind it too.

3 - Always find a way to speak the language of your stakeholders. Your stakeholders are your: Users, customers, Product managers,Founders, etc. They will understand and relate to you better when you speak their language show how it reflects in the Pixels too.

4 - Learn how to connect design objectives with business outcomes. Working in a non-business impact design project can seriously harm your project. Speak that language and you will seriously see a difference in your career.

5 - See if you can get a sign-off early on in the process. Many designers, including me wait till the design was perfect to share. Now, i make sure i get multiple rounds of discussions before we arrive at the final solution. This actually changed my working relationships.

These points actually bought me time in my tasks and stakeholders started empathising with the process.

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