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October 29, 2020

If you ever tried to Google and learn anything in Design, Product Management and now No-Code you know it’s confusing. No wonder we keep wondering how do I learn to use No-Code tools, build and launch. Finding signal in this noisy world will be harder and especially in newly evolving fields like No-Code. 

Our No-Code Jumpstart Program aims to reduce this confusion and provide clarity for anyone considering No-Code.

Who is this program ideal for? 

If you fall into these categories below then consider this program as your drone view that allows you see the full coast before you pick a spot to settle or go deeper into. 

🚴‍♀️ Product Manager/Designer

👩‍💻 Considering No-Code Career

🧗‍♂️ Entrepreneurship & Startups validating MVPs

🏄‍♂️ Content Creators and Community Owners

🙆‍♀️Freelancers and Design Agencies

What will you learn and get in this Program?

  • Learn what is No-Code and which to context to use it in.

  • Learn about the vast landscape for No-Code.

  • Approach using first principles.

  • Save 100+ hours in figuring out about No-code using the strategic guides & templates to build your ultimate no-code stack.

  • 12+ Hands-On Case Studies to learn and ship products using No-Code.

  • Curated Deals & Guides to further your learning in No-Code. 

Meticulously thought program

When thinking with first principles and esp in a new subject, the context of no-code needs to be addressed. We worked on opening up aspects of Product making, design and where does No-Code fit in all this. Further we spent 2+ MVPs and 100+ days to build this program for 50+ Students and launched the first program on July 5th 2020, now you can access it anytime here:


Why should you listen to us?

Karthi and Madhuri will be your instructors during this self paced program and you will be benefitting the learning we have made through these 4+ years of exploring No-Code. Checkout value we could get out of No-Code for our business Xperian ↓

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