No-Code does not mean No-Design



September 11, 2022

I am convinced that MVPs being shipped fast do actually break, fast. Take a look a at a recent request from a client below:

Consistently, I've seen products built by non-designers on no-code tools to have issues with layout, workflows, visuals and more. If you have not embraced good design, it can make or break the trust of your future customers. Especially, if you are new in the market and launching your MVP.

I really think you can build beautiful products with No-Code and launch them. After launching 40+ MVPs using No-Code. I must add that the process has been easier as Product Design has been my forte. The combination of design and no-code is powerful and the one who can leverage it can move mountains. To make this process of discovering what aspects of design can fixed, removed or added, easier with product design audits.

So, what is a product design audit?

Audits have been around for a long time and have helped in systematically deconstruct the status quo of an existing system. Only someone who has spent considerable amount of time to make such systems can point out what works and what does not.

In a product design audits these aspects are evaluated:

  • User’s Pain points, Needs & Wants - Are your user’s pain points understood or just an assumption?

  • Features - Are the features designed and shipped inline with the user’s need.

  • Workflows - Do the workflows represent the features and are designed with the end goals in mind?

  • Information & Interaction Design - Do the workflows show enough information for the user so they can make decisions and perform the intended actions?

  • Brand & Visual Design - Is the brand & visual design applied appropriately throughout the digital product.

There are lot more aspects that can be covered in detail esp based on the objective or pains in the existing digital product, the founders observe or see.

Can this audit be applied for websites or landing pages too?

Yes, the landing pages actually the first point your future and potential users interact and understand what is it that your product actually does. After evaluating more than 100+ landing pages in the past few months, we were able to come up a structure of audit for landing pages too.

How many products or landing pages did you evaluate?

Just looking at our loom data, we think we’ve crossed a 100 product reviews. These videos have helped founders, designers and more to take decisions on their products.

Introducing: Design Audits on Demand

If you need help with design aspects but don't know where to start, this audit will help you find the areas you can fix in your Product.

What do you get in a design audit?

  • Audit of one product & prioritised workflow.

  • Report of recommendations, fixes and more from a design perspective.

  • Recording of the session.

Why should you listen to us?

As someone who has designed products for 10+ years for companies like Apple, Amazon, Philips, Vodafone, etc we leverage this experience to help you. Code or No-Code, a human being only interacts with the pixels on the screen. So, don't you think it should designed?

Interested in a design audit? Only 10 slots available for a limited time.

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