Where is my focus now?

My focus areas for the next decade.

Our team had a hard time reflecting on our years as consultants and decided to plunge into the world of products. Now, with this it was upto each one of us, to decide if we wanted to continue on this journey. I woke up with a deep question, "What if i come back to this point in my career, later?" I did not leave that question to answer at a later point.

I decided to retire work from my life and dive into it, This is my journey at Silva and the current projects from 2018 onwards.

Current Work
Co-Founder, Silva.camp

Time Period
Dec 2018 Onwards

Focus Areas
Product Design & No-Code

Businesses Created
8+ Launched

No. of MVPs
50+ Shipped. See full list

Consulting & Advisory

All Consulting efforts are handled under the brand names:

For Product Design: UxLabs

For Webflow, Framer & anything No-Code: Nocolo.co


Focus Areas for Consulting

Value Proposition Design, Business Model Innovation, Customer Discovery, Experience Journey Mapping, MVPs, No-Code Digital Products (using Framer, Webflow, Carrd, Notion, Glide, Bubble.io, Zapier, Airtable, etc), Product Design Discovery, Side -Project Growth & more…

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Cohort, Education & Content

All Education efforts are handled under the brand names:

For Product Design & Careers: Xperian.xyz, Hireworthy.co

For No-Code: Nocolo.co

Focus Areas

Cohort Based Courses [CBCs], Self Paced Courses, Curriculum Design, Learning Design, Awareness, Assessments, Exercises, Operating Systems for Cohorts and more…

Students Taught


Courses Launched

Cohorts Launched

Cohorts launched at Xperian:

Digital Product Design Intensive (DPDI)
Product Management Intensive
Xperian Learnstreams
Hireworthy Design Cohort
No-Code Jumpstart
Frugal MVP
No-Code Builder's Fellowship & 5+ More…

We've been Instructor & Collaborations at:

Product Design Fellowship
DayOne Builder's Fellowship
Antler Residency Program
Product Management Fellowship by NextLeap
Build by STYBL
100 Days of No-Code Cohort
IIT Bombay
OnDeck No-Code Fellowship
OnDeck Catalysts
University of North Dakota & 15+ more

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Ⓒ Madhuri 2024

Last Updated: May 2024

Ⓒ Madhuri 2024

Last Updated: May 2024

Ⓒ Madhuri 2024

Last Updated: May 2024