Defining the Focus for the next decade



September 1, 2022

Mapping out a new interest map for the next decade. This took some time to formulate but I am confident and will learn everything in my path.

Now, product design is not just good looking colorful interfaces or cool looking products. Design is understanding the needs, wants and pain points of your customers and mapping it back to the product you are building. 

Design is knowing the fact that you are building for the future by looking at the past and staying rooted in the present.

Design is understanding the fact the human's approach interface first and need a strong system that works to back it up.

All these aspects fall strongly within my interest map and where i will be focusing my time hereafter: 
Design & Product Consulting
Design & No-Code Education.
No-Code MVPs/Product Building

At the core, I am a Designer & a Maker.

The search has ended and i am ready to take on more of such projects 🥳

So, how do i allocate my time based on my focus?

The generic statement that, "Focus is Hard" is a load of bull. Why? It's because we do not know the why and where to focus, so we end up spending a lot of time chasing focus on every single task. Earlier when i had to focus on a task, i would struggle and it would lead to stress and if the task is not complete, the stress would be much more. This cycle was very stressful.

When i figured out "Why am I doing this?", my work flowed easily. I could break down my next steps and daily to-do. There are some projects where things are effortless, there are some projects that are better off in a time-box and the many projects & things I experimented with, was able to list out a set of projects and allocated my work hours accordingly in a ratio like below.

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