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November 7, 2021

Did you ever play Jenga and find yourself in this situation where it could be toppled with just one block out of place? And, if you ask many jenga experts they recommend a strong foundation so the blocks do not topple easily.‌

A good product is many ways similar to building a jenga tower. Have a great foundation on understanding your customers, making and testing the solution you build for them. Each block is assumption on which most products are built.

Each product is a carefully constructed set of validated assumptions. If validated, add them to the Jenga Stack. If not, avoid it. One wrong way or a change in foundation can topple the whole product. That's why building an MVP can really help you build a great foundation.

Prototypes help in MVPs

Even companies like McDonalds iterate and build upon their ideas consistently to achieve great business success. Take a look at this wonderful clip from The Founder Movie on how the process was iterated.

MVPs fail too and you can see sample of it on @IndieHackers to learn and esp on how not to do them.

Iteration is the only way

Because Products are based on assumptions, the only way you learn more deeply about your Product only by launching consistently and iterating your Proof of Concepts 👇

Learn from Y-Combinator ↗

If you want to learn how to launch again and again with a variety of methods, this also a great resource is amazing to learn from 👇

Rise of No-Code

Earlier you had to build with a tonne of code and it would take a lot of time to get to market. But now with No-code you can actually get started with your first MVP and get to market in less than one weekend and less than $100 budget.

Read this full thread here ↗

Who knew our assumptions could bring $400,000 for us at Xperian, so far? Here's a quick timeline of projects we accomplished from 2018 onwards:

No matter what stage of an MVP you are in consider your assumptions and keep adding to your Jenga!

Happy Building & No-Coding 😬


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